Beauty tips for women

Do you want to look your best, but you simply don’t have the time or the money to go to a beauty saloon?

Whenever you try to do something by yourself, whether it’s your hair, nails, or make-up  it doesn’t just look like in the magazines. All those models have professional make-up artists and hair stylists that do it. You don’t, but you can definitely improve your techniques by paying attention to these simple and fast tips and tricks!

Manicure patience

If you are in a hurry to leave for your appointment, it’s better to leave your manicure last, because you will have to wait until your fresh painted nails dry, and if you start doing something else before five minutes passed, chances are you’re going to ruin them and have to start over.  Most of the people who have other things on their mind and they know they have to do something often don’t have patience, and if you’re included in here, it’s safer to let your nails last.

Perfect nails

Do you have a favorite nail color, but whenever you try to do your nails with it, it leaves some tiny bubbles that ruins your nail polish? If it’s your case, you might be doing the following mistake: shaking the bottle before applying the first coat. This mistake often introduces air in the nail polish formula. Better than shaking the bottle, you can rather roll it between your palms.

Don’t paint the hands

Whenever you start doing your nails, do you often paint a little bit on the sides too? Do you sometimes get nail polish on your hands and you wonder how on earth did it get there? Okay, maybe doing your nails isn’t your strongest point, everybody is different. But you may get better if you start your manicure by doing your dominant hand first. Also, leave your thumbs last so that you can clean your other nails as you progress with your nail polish.

Skin care

Taking care of your skin can often be bothersome, but it’s important to give its proper attention. Skin care can make the difference between being 25 and looking 30 and the other way around. Of course everybody wants to look younger, right? For that you must find the proper way of taking care of your skin type, whether it’s dry or greasy. The basic care for any type of skin is a moisturizer, a face scrub, and quality make-up that doesn’t affect your skin very much.

Eye make-up

If make-up isn’t your strongest point, but you still want to highlight your good looks, you should quickly try these tricks! If you can’t do your cat eyes equal, you can use a spoon when doing the lines. Also, when trying to do a smoky eye make-up, you should start from the inner corner of your eye with the lighter color and after that gradually blend the darker colors.

Kissable lips

If your lips dry up very easily and you have a problem with that, you should know that before starting a make-up, you should apply lip balm for moisturizing. Also, you can leave the lipstick last, so that you can let the lip balm do its magic and soothe your lips. Your lipstick applies better, and your lips are moisturized and worth kissing!

Summer heat

Summer has come, and you can’t wait to hit the beach, right? Before going on the road, you should take some measurements against the summer heat and UVA rays. Always make sure to apply a proper sunscreen and make sure you get one for your face too, or you might wake up with heat spots around your eyes. Also, it’s recommended to replace your foundation with a BB cream and wear a basic make-up to avoid a greasy look.

Hair care

When it comes to your hair, you should give it extra attention, because it can vary from season to season. For example, in the summer you need to wash it more frequently and pay attention the excessive heat doesn’t affect it. You should always find a shampoo that is fitted for your hair type, a conditioner to apply from the medium length of your hair to the tips, and occasionally you can make your own natural mask that you can apply at home!

Party people

When going to a party, you have to try your best to keep your make-up as intact as you just put it on, even if after a few drinks you don’t care anymore. Trust me, when you will see the photos taken at the party the next day, you would have wished you cared! If you use pencils, make sure to avoid the creamy ones, because they will rub off. It’s mandatory to use a primer for your eye make-up, and the mascara you use has to be waterproof. Also, you have to put a hairspray with an extra-hold in your hair, if you don’t want it to go wild in the middle of the night!

Quality products

Even if you don’t have a big budget, investing in quality products such as hair products or make-up can make the difference between a good look and a bad one. If you can’t afford to spend a lot, you can research a bit about the things that are good for your skin and your hair, and then read the ingredients on the products when you want to buy them. Even an expensive product can contain damaging factors, and you can find something cheaper that is better. Another alternative is to make your own products at home. Things like hair masks and lip gloss are easy to make, and you can often find the ingredients you need at the local pharmacy!

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