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Do you have hungry about mid-afternoon? Do you need a healthy recipe to follow your healthy diet? Don´t you know what to eat at midday? Do you need energy ? Are you looking for a healthy breakfast? Are you one of this people who need something sweet for dessert, but you have to avoid the sweets? Are you boring of take always the same dessert for dinner or lunch?

Surely, you have already heard about green smoothies and for sure, you have seen pictures of famous models or actresses drinking a delicious greensmoothie. The consumption of these shakes has become in a healthy lifestyle, here we will include them as a good way to take a healthy snack and one of the best choices for our mid-morning snacks and mid-afternoon snacks.

This shakes will allows you to feel your stomach full while you are nourishing inside your body and after that, you will notice outside your body like the publicity says about another kind of foods all the time. We can not put the hand in the fire about the publicity, but we know that, in this case, the properties and vitamins of fruits and vegetables, contained in these shakes, speak for themselves.

We tell you a number of reasons for drinking them:

• Consuming green vegetables, is very healthy for the human body. Experts nutritionists ensure these vegetables contain chlorophyll and to eat them is like receiving a transfusion of healthy blood. Moreover, the regular consumption of these shakes, it will provides you the quantities of fruit and vegetables that your body needs daily.

• They are very nutritious because of the amount of natural properties that their ingredients contain and they are easier to make them than the juices. We just need a mixer, 60% of ripe organic fruit mixed with 40% of organic vegetables and a little water. This way you get delicious smoothies and you don´t need to add sugar. Because with a greater measure of fruit, the sweet flavor is dominant and at the same time, the green vegetables soften the sweetness of the fruit and add a nice touch to the shake.

• In spite of their green appearance, their taste is delicious and they are a delicious way to eat vegetables, any time that we are hungry, especially for those people who find it harder to eat them. When they are cooked lose much of their properties and if we eat them raw sometimes we do not like it. They mixed with fruit however, are delicious.

• They are easy to digest, they provide you the energy that you need to continue with the day and also, they are more complete food than juices because they contain all the fiber. Something very important to regulate the intestinal transit.

• It is a good way to get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables, because as we know, when we cook these vegetables, the properties of them are destroyed and from this way, we are taking advantage of all the benefits that the vegetables can give us.

Photo by: Andrea Frydrychowski

When we make them, we should to drink it in the next hour because of their properties are oxidised after an hour. This is why it´s important to drink them after you make them. We advise you to calculate well the quantities that you want to take for drinking.

If you have a little extra, you can keep in the refrigerator one day, but their properties will not be the same the next day.

The greensmoothies are drinks that mix vegetables with fruits. But also, we can combine them with some other herbs, nuts and seeds. From this way, they are more nutritious and energetics, in case we need it to be satisfied. It also allows you to develop your creativity in the kitchen experimenting with many different combinations as fruits and vegetables have in your home. In this way, you can choose your favorite flavors.

Following the properties their ingredients contain, we propose a series of shakes to help your beauty, depending of what you need:

Smoothie recipes of fruit and vegetables

1. To contribute to beautiful hair
Combination: Spinach 40%, 30% orange and pear 30%.
Add a little water and a couple of crushed nuts.

 2. To help maintain skin hydration
Combination: Cucumber 40%, 30% strawberries or watermelon and blueberries or blackberries 30%.
Add a little water and mint.

3. To help protect your skin from solar radiation
Combination: Artichoke 40%, melon and red grapes 30%
Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a little carrot.

4. To restore damaged skin
Combination: Chards 40%, guava and red plums 30%
Add lemon juice, ground oats or a teaspoon of royal jelly.

5. To improve blood circulation
Combination: Lettuce 40%, watermelon or orange 60%
Add a pinch of ginger or turmeric, with water.

Photo by: Tony Prats

6. To combat fluid retention
Combination: Spinach 40%, pineapple 30% and oranges or papaya 30%
Add a little water

7. For help burn fat and to release toxins
Combination: Celery 40%, grapefruit or orange 30% and pineapple 30%
Add a little water

8. To stop acne
Combination: Spinach 40%, papaya or grapefruit 30 % and raspberries 30%
Add water and lemon juice

9. To regulate the bowel and to get a flat stomach
Combination: Chard 40%, apple 30% and pineapple 30%
Add water

10. To relax and feel great after exercise
Combination: Spinach 40%, banana 30% and kiwi 30%
Add water and a little almond milk

11. To combat cellulite
Combination: Cucumber or artichoke 40%, apple 30% and pineapple 30%
Add water, a little parsley or carrot

12. To clean the body
Combination: Cucumber 40% and pineapple 60%
Add water and a little lemon juice.

It is clear that consuming green smoothies almost daily is a healthy habit, which we should aiming and replace for another harmful habits such as drinking alcohol, if we care about our body.

However, we keep in mind that these shakes help our body to purify, to eliminate fat and toxins, improve our appearance etc. But they don´t achieve it alone, it's just an eating habit more that it will help us in our way towards a healthy lifestyle.

Start to consume green smoothies, means to contribute to your health, beauty and own wellness.

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