How to care of your hair

Your hair plays a vital role in enhancing your personality. If you are wearing a beautiful dress, jewelry, applied makeup but your hair are looking dull and greasy then all your efforts are wasted. If you have beautiful and gorgeous hair then you will definitely look amazing. Taking care of your hair is not very difficult. It is not necessary to go to saloon or to use expensive products to make your hairs beautiful because you can take care of them by yourself at home. Here we will tell you some simple tips to make your hair beautiful and stunning at home.

Wash your hair with a good shampoo:

Keep your hair clean by washing them with good shampoo. Washing hair is good for your hair as it cleans dirt and product build-up in your hairs but it also takes away essential oils that are necessary for your hairs and can make your hair dry. So don’t use shampoo daily instead wash your hair twice or thrice a week. Also use a shampoo which is designed for your hair type whether your hairs are straight, curly, wavy or frizzy. For instance, you can use frizz-minimizing or you can use a shampoo that contains glycerin and collagen for dry hairs.

Use a good conditioner that suit your hair type:  

Conditioning is very important because we damage a lot with our hair. We iron them and processed them with different chemicals which makes our hair dull and frizzy that’s why our hair needs extra love and care which a conditioner gives. Use a good conditioner because it makes your hair moisturized and healthy.

Deep moisturize your hairs:

Deep moisturizing is good for your hairs. You can use olive oil because it is good to moisturize your hairs. To make the result more effective you can also add honey with the it  to make your hair shiny and beautiful.

Avoid products with too much proteins:

Proteins are good for your hairs but in excess can leave your hairs dry and weak. Use a product which contains balanced ingredients. Too much protein in take can also cause hair loss.

Let your hair dry naturally:

After shower don’t wrap your hair with towel because towel in made rough material which can damage your hair and can cause split ends. Use cotton cloth or T-Shirt to wrap your hairs after shower. Avoid brushing your hair when they are wet instead use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to brush out tangles.

Avoid using blow-dryer to dry your hairs because heat damages them, but if you want to use a it then you can use it on a low temperature. Also don’t use straightener too much as it can also damage your hair.

Avoid brushing too much:

Brushing your hair is good because it promotes you hair growth but too much brushing can make you hair weak. Brushing too often can harm your hair causing split ends and frizzle.

Trim you hairs:

Trimming your hair is the best way to get rid of split ends. You can trim hairs by yourself at your home. Take a small scissor and trim your hair from the splitting ends. Trimming also improve the growth of your hair. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks.

Protect your hairs during summer:

Sun rays not only damages your skin but continue sun exposure to hair can also leave them dry and damaged. So it is good to cover your hairs whenever possible from sun exposure to avoid harmful rays of the sun. Try to use shampoos and conditioners that protects against the rays of the sun that damages your hair.

Minimize styling damages:

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Styling your hair too much can also be harmful. Try to minimize styling damages by styling your hair naturally. You some time can style your hairs but repeating styling again and again can make you hair weak. Avoid using rubber bands for styling because rubber band snapped your hairs from follicle. Do not pin your hair tightly because this can also use harm to your hair roots. Do not tie your pony tail and try to do simple hair styling that do not damages your hair.

Dye your hair carefully:

Dyeing your takes a lot from your hair so if you color your hair try to color it once in a while. Dyeing too much can makes your hair dry and damaged because it contains many chemicals.  

Eat healthy for healthy hair:

Healthy eating is a good habit because it is beneficial for whole body. It is also great for your body because your hairs need vitamins and proteins so give them the right amount. A healthy and balanced diet will make your hair healthy and look better. To make your hair strong you should take vitamin C. Also eat iron rich food because iron take blood to the blood vessels. In the same way different vitamins work differently for your hair. Eating healthy will not show the result immediately so give your hair some time become healthy.

Be relaxed and stress free:

Stress can also damage your hair and can cause hair loss. To remove mental and physical stress you can do meditations like yoga. This will also be helpful to make your hair healthy.


So if you have dull and weak hair and is facing hair problems then these tips can be really useful for you to get beautiful hair without going to any saloon. You can save your money through following these tips religiously and can take care of your hair at home. These tips are very effective and can be very helpful for you if you wish to have gorgeous looking hair.

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