How to improve your nails

In our society, the appearance of our nails has become in one cover letter of us and the state of them says a lot about our health.

Therefore, to care about our nails is very important, especially if we get manicures frequently and we want that our nails born stronger and healthier. Moreover, if we don´t have the time to get a manicure every day and we don´t pay attention, they will be getting worse.

Usually our nails are affected by internal and external factors that make these weaken or become brittle and fragile. So if we don´t care it properly or we don´t use the appropriate products to treat them, they can easily become weak or with worst appearance.

However, it´s necessary to keep in mind that our daily activities, chemicals, poor eating habits and some bad habits, such as nail biting, become your nails weak and brittle. Even a good enamel can hide these signs.

Tips and tricks for nail care

  • The first thing to keep in mind for to be a beautiful nails is to follow a good diet. We must incorporate into our diet foods rich in protein, minerals and calcium. We also need vitamins A, B and C present in many fruits and vegetables. The yolk is one of the foods nice for your nails, so depends of the way than you cook, is much better to cook with water.
  • One of the main reasons why your nails are weak, besides what we eat, is the constant contact with chemicals, such as detergents. If you often use aggressive skin products, like cleaning ones, always use gloves. They are very cheap and protect your hands.
  • You should prevent the habit of nail biting, use them for to open things or keep them close to your mouth. These bad habits only become weak your nails.
  • Before use a nails polish, apply a base coat.
  • The cardboards limes are better than the metal ones. The metal limes can splinter the nails.

  • Never paint your nails just after you take a shower. Heat with humidity make a repellent layer that difficult the polish fixing.
  • If you have to go out and you don´t have time for manicure, apply a clear base in the nails with a little olive oil on your fingers. Your nails will get better looking.
  • If you are in a hurry and need dry your nails quickly, inmerse them carefully in ice water. This will accelerate the process.
  • Wash your hands after use a polish remover and if you are the kind of girl that paint your nails frecuently, is an advise to leave them unpainted sometimes for not to damage them.
  • Break three capsules of vitamin E and add them to your hand cream daily. This simple trick will help you to protect, strengthen and care them daily.

To strengthen your nails

Olive oil is the best cosmetic for your nails. Immerse them once a week in the oil for a few minutes and they will be perfect. You will notice good results. It´s ideal to moisturize and strengthen your nails. So with this oil, you´ll always prevent any damage.

Castor oil, rich in vitamin E, it´s a natural remedy to strengthen nails. Simply apply a few drops on your nails and make a little massage. You will notice, as soon as your cuticles improving their appearance.

Almond oil. Apply as castor oil and you will notice your nails more hydrated and shiny, plus all of vitamins that gives you. You can find it in health food stores.

Salt is also very good for your nails for the iodine content. If you don´t live next to the sea, immerses your nails for ten minutes in water with salt, twice a week. This simple home remedy, will help to improve the quality of your nails.

Calcium helps tremendously to retain the good appearance of your nails. Make a good supply of calcium daily and you will always keep it healthy. Almond milk is a good food to ensure it.
The brewer's yeast, in adittion to strengthen hair, also strengthens nails.

Finally, after these advices and tips, if you want to know something more about their cares and also need to clean it, we propose three simple and natural recipes:

Recipe 1. Rosemary with water

· 2 tablespoons rosemary
· 1 cup of water

Preparation: Boil for 5 minutes one cup of water, then apply the rosemary and leave it lying.
Dip your nails in the infusion for 10 minutes.
The procedure can be repeated twice a week.

Recipe 2. Aloe vera oil

-1 tablespoon aloe vera gel.
-3 drops of olive oil.

Preparation: Mix aloe vera with olive oil, stir until smooth mixing and applying lotion to nails with one cotton.

Recipe 3. Cucumber juice

· 1 cucumber.

Preparation: Peel the cucumber, liquate until you get a kind of syrup. Apply to hands daily for 10 minutes.

After following these instructions you will have the nails naturally beautiful and prepared without manicure, at least your nails will look healthy and beautiful, so if you have an interview or some test, you can not be misjudged for this reason.

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